Sea Tow Membership Agreement

Charter/rental/rental/loan: the use of a chartered, leased, yacht club or member-leased vessel, with the permission of the registered owner of the vessel, if the member is the master of the vessel (care, care and control and neither the registered owner of the vessel nor any family member aged 18 and over on board). In other words, membership privileges do not apply if the member is only a guest on the boat at the time of the disability. Cancellation of membership: Sea Tow reserves the right to immediately terminate any membership at any time for abuse of privileges without refund. These include, without restriction, misrepresentation of the condition of the vessel, excessive towing, fraud, drunken operation, lack of maintenance and maintenance of the vessel, or misuse of Sea Tow personnel. After some altercations between SeaTow and his insurance company, which eventually involved the boat manufacturer, the fee for Hull was reduced to $13,000. Mr. Hull acknowledged that the fine print of his membership agreement suggests that significant service charges can be assessed. But he said his boat was not in immediate danger – his captain had in fact flown the boat to the SeaTow boat – so there was no need to treat it as a rescue operation. For $179 per year plus $100 per hour, the trade card offers many of the same benefits as the Gold Card on a boat covered by membership. SAILOR and SAILOR PLUS members are valid for 14 days, from April 1 to October 31 of the current year, as of both`s request. If the membership dates on the application are changed, the member is required to notify the ST. With the acquisition of the ST affiliation, the member is entitled to defined free and other services (see below) exclusively through the use of services provided by ST operators (contractors who have a contractual contract with ST for the provision of maritime assistance).

Member: The person or entity listed on the Sea Tow membership card for which membership privileges apply in accordance with the type of member shown on the card. Over a membership period, the member is entitled to 0-24 hours of assistance in the period from April to October. 1.1.1 «Agreement,» this document, including all the documents and documents covered and included in this document, as well as any documents or agreements duly executed that change the system. Activation: All subscriptions are activated 24 hours after receiving payment. Each expired member has a 24-hour reactivation period once the payment has been received. Membership fees expire at the end of membership.

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