1993 Crew Consist Agreement

BNSF states that the intention of the agreement is to «reserve considerable work opportunities (including many new opportunities) for BNSF ground service employees, and BNSF is absolutely mandatory and will respect that spirit in the agreement.» c) The operation can work with more than one crew during a mission. The General Committee has received requests for copies of the Hybrid Card Agreement, which has been ratified for the North Little Rock/Pine Bluff Hub. It is attached to the following file: NOTE 3: These provisions are not intended to supplant the engines of shipyards, natives, residents or work trains, nor the intention to carry out general reallocations. No carrier supervisors (including Yardmasters) or non-artisanal ones are used to replace or replace the exclusive work of train or construction personnel working under UTU agreements. 7. The percentages other than those mentioned above are not paid on or for a member of a reserve board, with the exception of the payment of bonuses under current health and wellness plans. There are no wage deductions on behalf of a reserve committee employee, except for deductions on income, employment tax or wages (including railway pension taxes) under federal, national or municipal law, deductions of expenses under an applicable union enterprise agreement and other deductions authorized by agreement; and all other deductions prescribed by law. Reserve Board staff are eligible for the airline`s study assistance program. Before merging with SMART, the UTU obtained a federal court decision preventing the railways from negotiating new occupancy agreements through a national liquidation and decided that the crew by rail should be negotiated by rail, which should be achieved with the provisional agreement. Check out the full 38-side agreement by clicking HERE. Federal Railroad Administration spokesman Kevin Thompson said: «FRA continues to believe that the highest level of safety is ensured by the use of multi-personnel crews. We look forward to learning more about the BNSF/SMART proposal and how it supports the intent of our regulation – the protection of the public.

4. The moratorium in Section 4 of Part 2 of the Occupancy Confirmation Agreement of 29 June 1984 applies to this agreement. The moratorium provided here is neither amended nor cancelled by a national agreement, nor by the willingness to recommend. Without prejudice to the position of one of the parties, this agreement meets the requirements of the Presidential Emergency Board 219 regarding Crew Consist with respect to the adequacy of the airline`s communication. 4. Employees are not required to provide a service below the flight attendants required in this agreement, nor are they condemned, disciplined, or wasted time in refusing it. BNSF calls the agreement «a new transformative approach to railway operations, where the Master Conductor has a wide range of responsibilities and opportunities and can use his talents and capabilities more broadly to improve the safety, quality and efficiency of bnSF operations.» This provisional agreement, which could be a harbinger of similar zones in other areas of the BNSF and other Class I rail lines, is due to the failure of the unions` efforts to legislate or impose crews of two persons required.

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