Esf Funding Agreement

IEE funds will continue to be spent until 2023, provided the 2014-20 ESF programme meets its objectives. In the absence of a Brexit agreement, you will find a summary of the What to Do page if you have received funds from an EU programme or applied for a project. Apply for funding from the UK Immigration Fund for Asylum and Integration for 2014-2020. More than half of the EU`s funds are allocated through the five European Structural and Investment Funds (ESI FONDS). They are jointly managed by the European Commission and EU countries. Summary of page How British organisations such as charities, businesses and universities that receive EU funds would be affected if the UK left the EU without a deal. List of pages Guidelines and application forms for funding through the European Social Fund Full Online Application Procedure. Modification has made additional details about what users should do, depending on the program from which they receive funding. These include, if necessary, registration links and links to other instructions and contact information in government agencies.

Most of this content was previously published on «The Government Guarantee for EU-funded programmes in the absence of a Brexit deal.» Summary of page Provide details on projects that may be eligible for EU funding under the UK Government Guarantee. Publication of a revised example of the European Social Fund funding agreement (version 3 of 19 October 2016). 10:11, 5 March 2019: action note 031/19 ESF and apprentice tax: match evidence requirements has been added. This communication outlines the evidentment requirements required for the use of the apprenticeship dues as match funding under the 2014-2020 ESF program. Each country is working with the European Commission to prepare an agreement specifying how the funds will be used during the 2014-20 funding period. The European Social Fund funding agreement has been updated in version 9. All of these funds are managed by the EU countries themselves through partnership agreements. The European Programme for the Growth of The Structural and Investment Funds funds projects that create jobs and promote local growth.

The branding and advertising requirements of ESIF FUNDS have been updated in version 8 to include an additional requirement for ERDF projects only for the recognition of national funds. These are projects that received eFRE funding through a grant agreement developed on Or after August 1, 2019 (version 13 for the GFA for capital, version 11 for the GFA and later), including FEDER projects with an extension of one year or more (version 2 of the funding agreement and subsequent versions).

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