Business Solutions Agreement Amazon

The business service contract probably regulates the relationship between Amazon and Amazon sellers, because when every Amazon seller clicked on the connection process, you agreed to do business as part of Amazon`s «agreement.» The reference to the business services agreement can be found in the «Definitions» section. In particular, the Business Services Agreement can be found under «Seller Agreements.» If the arbitrator is not a lawyer, Amazon`s sellers can also argue fairness and point out to the arbitrator that unilateral agreements are not applicable. In fact, if you brought every contract law manual and every study guide and case copies, it would be a truck of equipment that could be used to convince each arbitrator that the contract is unenforceable. As many advanced sellers know, Amazon seems to hold all the cards until a suspended Amazon seller seeks arbitration. The following is included in the Business Solutions agreement, but both agreements contain a similar language. As a senior partner in a law firm that focuses on Amazon sellers, it`s amazing how many sellers have never heard of the Business Solutions Agreement or the BSA. When I talk to sellers all over the world, there is the contract that relates to the sellers. Sellers refer to their sale agreement on Amazon almost without exception as a «participation agreement» or «terms of use.» If you or any of your related companies choose to provide us with or provide us with suggestions, comments, ideas, improvements or other information or other feedback related to or related to an Amazon website or Amazon service (including related technologies), we are free to use, disclose, reproduce the above information or materials in any way. , modify, concede, transfer and distribute by other means.

In order to cooperate with requests from the authorities, protect our systems and customers, or ensure the integrity and operation of our business and systems, we may access and disclose any information we deem necessary or appropriate, including, but not limited, to user contact data, IP addresses and traffic information. , usage history and published content.

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