Trade Agreements Between Canada And The Netherlands

CETA facilitates the business of Dutch companies with Canada. Tariffs and other trade barriers will be reduced or eliminated altogether. Many products, for example, no longer need to be tested for safety in both countries: a test will suffice. CETA also includes agreements on intellectual property rights, public procurement, dispute resolution and sustainable development. On the sidelines of the Nuclear Security Summit, Ploumen chaired a series of meetings with foreign companies and governments. The summit is an excellent opportunity for the Netherlands to present itself as attractive trading partners. Canada and the Netherlands have a special relationship that stems from the actions of the Second World War, when Canadian troops led the liberation of the Netherlands and welcomed the Dutch royal family into exile. The special relationship is still visible today: the Canadian government calls the Netherlands «one of Canada`s most important partners in trade, investment and innovation.» [1] In part, the Canadian Tulip Festival still reminds us of this relationship. Learn more about Canada`s trade and investment agreements: types of contracts and the gradual development of trade and investment agreements. The Netherlands is a trade-oriented economy and is often referred to as the «gateway to Europe», with a huge transport logistics infrastructure built around the port of Rotterdam (the largest in Europe) and Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

Rotterdam handles more than 25% of Canada`s exports to Europe, while Schiphol Airport operates daily and direct flights from Canada with KLM, Air Transat, Air Canada, Jet Airways and Sunwing. «The EU`s free trade agreement with Canada offers many opportunities for the Dutch dairy industry, the postal sector, dredging, shipowners and financial services,» said Lilianne Ploumen, Dutch Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, following a business meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Canada`s Minister of Industry. , James Moore and a series of Canadian companies. The trade agreement with Canada includes agreements on: Has CETA disappeared if the House of Representatives rejects the European trade agreement? For the Netherlands, this could lead to a loss of face. Because they are a trading country that relies heavily on free trade with foreign countries. Because of the special relationships they share, Canada and the Netherlands have chosen a liberal policy that is exclusively subject to each other and offers special work visas to young people in each country. [29] [30] However, these specific visa guidelines have conditions: Young Dutch people must have a job offer before granting the visa and Canadian Youth must accept restrictions on the length of their stay in the Netherlands. Citizens of the Netherlands and Canada between the ages of 18 and 25 are eligible and the status of applicants is not limited (non-students are also eligible). [31] [32] The visa allows the duration of the trip to exceed the usual limit.

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