Adna For Agreement And Empowerment E.v

Ngo Bigda Sylvie Paulette (Treasurer), Mr. Ndima Ntogue Innocent (Chairman of the Board of Directors) 0152 12328990 Training young migrants and Africans in your history, as well as promoting women and helping the elderly is our first mission. Read more … The Hermit: the silence and bustle of a Rome – prose. – Reading with Ru`dija Russo Sejdovic on 12.10.2020 In order to achieve the objectives of the project, interviews are held with speakers who could shed light on the perception and visibility of the UN Charter of Human Rights, Article 23 GG. Read more … 25. Citizens` Forum «North meets the South» – 7.10.2020 – «Retrospective – Perspectives: Engagement in Dortmund» Read more … 26. Civic Forum (online) «North Meets the South» – Integration and Engagement in Dortmund – 18.11.2020 at 6:30 p.m. Racism and discrimination in the workplace prevent people from leading a pleasant social and professional life. We want to address racism and discrimination in the workplace through the project, disability equality and racism. To ensure that these topics do not go unnoticed by the Corona-19 pandemic, we decided to conduct an online campaign with video and electronic materials in partnership with stakeholders, media specialists and sign language interpreters.

To resize your image simply use the scroll wheel on your mouse and adjustment accordingly. Use this form to report any questionable or inappropriate reviews. ADNA for Agreement and Empowerment e.V. The goal is to :»Serve society» Read more … The sky over the border – reading with Said Boluri on 16.9.2020 . As an organization, we are structured-clearly of association and management-structure-the action of the oriented team and cooperative-promotion of active members-High Acceptance and involvement of promoters-Compedeurs Organization responsible and at all times reactive. Stay up to date with all our news Read more… Offers of training and conferences ARIC-NRW e.V.

ADNA e.V. is a young association composed of people with migratory biographies who live in the urban region of Aachen. The aim of the association is to serve society and support the biography of migration newly turned mt. The association considers itself a community open to all men. The association represents a friendly and open cohabitation in trust and security. We attach great importance to social skills and integration into a functioning community. We want to provide a space for qualified, competent and motivated group work, as well as creative and innovative opportunities for development. We are clear and structured and attach great importance to: -a clear and transparent association and management structure – team-oriented and cooperative action – promotion of active members – strong acceptance and involvement of promoters – competent, responsible and reactive organisational team at all times.

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